Préparation d'un devis

Request a quote

When you have contacted us to present a situation, we analyze your request in order to offer you one or more quotes. For an offer as close as possible to your needs, we need your complete identity and all the information that will allow us to establish intervention strategies. We do not only work by being paid for the result, except in certain very specific cases. Indeed, these results largely depend on external elements, such as the means to be implemented, the time spent, the age of the events, the actions of the various stakeholders..


We remind you that for all our services, the method of calculating the estimate takes into account an hourly rate, all the time spent during our discussions (in particular: first emails, requests for clarification, prior analysis, telephone discussions), time spent on the mission, setting up IT platforms, their implementation, monitoring and collecting information, analyzes, and preparing one or more reports. Can be added any costs (servers, specific software, intervention of partners).

The estimate

If we offer you a quote, it is because we have already spent time to assess whether our intervention is useful and if we can help you in certain situations. In the event of recourse to regulated professions (lawyer, private detectives), it is these professionals who will deal directly with you: quotes, assignment contract, work completion and invoicing.

The service

The services of field surveys, surveillance or monitoring are transmitted to our partner network. Our actions are limited to IT services, and strategy consulting. Each professional partner has its own approvals.


There is no additional cost during our quotes, precisely because they have been studied beforehand. In case of exceeding the scheduled time, or modification of the mission, there is always an amendment which will be subject to the agreement of all parties. No bad surprises.