Interventions informatiques en urgence

Emergency assistance

We make sure to react quickly after a first contact. If you do not have an answer within the hour, you can send us an SMS by recalling the email address used the first time. We cannot work without having clearly established with you the scope of our services, and of course the price for the mission ordered, as well as the payment conditions. For all intents and purposes, we specify that our services are chargeable.


In most situations, we can take care of your requests within a relatively short time. But for serious services, it is impossible to make a quote without a prior analysis of the situation. However, we offer assistance services with hourly packages established in advance. We will also tell you what steps you can take to preserve the clues and evidence if necessary.

The estimate

The urgency of a situation does not prevent establishing a preliminary estimate, it is important to avoid any misunderstanding on the scope of a mission and the rates applied.

The service

Certain short interventions, linked to an emergency situation, will be carried out in the time fixed beforehand, with a minimum of one hour of intervention, including all the time spent.


Urgent interventions are most often to be paid for in advance, as they are limited to a few hours. We remind you that we cannot have as much result as for long-term IT missions.