L'informatique au service de la Due Diligence

Due Diligence

How to get a precise idea of ​​a situation, the activity of a company, the level of confidence to be granted to a website? Apart from the visible elements, we will present the results of our analyzes to you for a precise vision supported by concrete information. Many cybercrime disputes are due to the victims' lack of vigilance.


A Website with general conditions, a real address, a telephone number, customer references and positive opinions is not necessarily trustworthy. Most fraudulent sites spoof information from viable companies. We bring you useful information for your decision-making with our IT investigation resources to detect the first signs of fraud or litigation risks.


Some additional missions could be entrusted to our private detective partners, for surveys, spinning or surveillance.


With administrative surveys, or cross-checking of information, our digital research will supplement the information you have at the start for a new evaluation..


More than ever, you need to protect yourself against the risk of fraud, because not all of the people who will engage in transactions with you have good intentions.