IT troubleshooting to protect your data

computer troubleshooting

In some cases, we may need to disassemble a hard drive for analysis, monitor illegal actions on your computer, or protect you from a recent attack. For this, we do not work in subcontracting. We intervene directly, for a better handling of your disputes.


These troubleshooting and IT maintenance missions are not part of our current or main services. They are carried out as part of our IT investigations, during attacks in cybercrime disputes, or with some of our customers. We work most often online.

Viruses and spyware

Malware is a real threat, and even with an up-to-date anti-virus it is possible to lose all your data. Some of this software can steal sensitive information and paralyze your business.


Entrusting your computer to a stranger is not without risk, because your hard drive contains a lot of private and confidential information. For reasons of discretion, we offer tailor-made breakdown services when confidentiality is essential.

Computer investigation

If files have been deleted in error, or as a result of malicious action, we may attempt to recover them. If it is a malicious action, we will also look for the people responsible for the crimes and damages suffered.