Le consultant en investigation sélectionne un détective privé

Investigations consulting

The search for a private detective, to carry out an investigation, a spinning or a surveillance can become difficult in front of a varied offer of service, with sometimes very low prices. We help you select a professional, because the service offers often highlight very low prices which are not always compatible with the requirements of your complex disputes. The use of experienced detectives will therefore be preferred.

Our missions

If you need an investigation, shadowing or a surveillance, you can choose a detective to support advertisements on the Internet, but nothing beats the recommendations. And you do not always have, in your entourage, an acquaintance who can recommend you a professional. We know the quality of the work of our partners.


The first mission of the private detective is to carry out surveys on behalf of his customers, individuals or professionals. He can also offer you administrative inquiries.


Shadowing investigations are operations proposed by detectives during cases of infidelity, or illicit behavior. Contrary to what one might think, this is a very complex mission with a lot of unforeseen events.


Monitoring missions are carried out to provide you with information that is essential in many disputes. They must also be carried out within a legal framework.