Hacking éthique et investigation en cybercriminalité

Ethical Hacking

During these many years of conducting digital investigations in the field of cybercrime, we have developed ethical hacking skills that are essential to follow the leads in cybercrime litigation.


Having computer security skills is not like acting like a hacker. In your cybercrime disputes, you need information that can be used in court. We must therefore comply with the law, so as not to harm your interests. For the same reason, we do not work with "pirates" or "hackers", we develop our own digital tools.

Security failures

The most common security issues are used by most hacker apprentices. We can conduct audits on the most common threats, to prevent you from becoming a victim.


Intrusion techniques are not limited to the processes that are shown to you in movies or series. Sensitive information can be stolen from your business with widespread means. We carry out audits for your safety.


To locate or identify an individual who uses means to hide his identity requires skills and know-how. We have been conducting digital surveys since 1999.