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Digital investigations

In cybercrime litigation, evidence and clues quickly disappear. A click of the mouse is enough to erase all traces. In these conditions, how to go up the digital tracks? How to find information to defend your rights?


Individuals who commit crimes in the world of cybercrime use digital resources. We will use these same resources to follow the traces that will allow or promote their identification, and the work of your lawyer if you are considering legal proceedings..

What is the difference between digital investigations and computer forensics ?

If we have to analyze the contents of a hard disk in Nice, we will evoke a computer investigation because it concerns a material aspect. On the other hand, to look for traces in the source code of a fraudulent site, we will speak of a digital survey. But ultimately, this type of intervention includes concepts that remain very similar.


On fraudulent sites, you will often find spoofed information, from data stolen from reliable companies. To find out who is behind this content, we are setting up digital investigations and we will analyze the computer codes at our disposal to cross-check.


You are the subject of hacking attempts, and everything suggests that this is an action carried out from abroad. What if this attack was ordered by your competitors? Certain data can be used to trace the origin of illegal actions.


The identity or the connection data of your digital aggressors does not appear in the clear in the source codes of emails received or fraudulent sites. We develop computer codes dedicated to our digital surveys.