Votre parcours client

Customer experience

We invite you to discover the essential steps for quality services and efficient customer service, from your request for information to invoicing. We will analyze your request, prepare one or more quotes, carry out the mission and send you an invoice. For this, our general and specific conditions will be attached to the quote that must be accepted.


To respond precisely to your request, we need details and details. If necessary, send us as an attachment all the necessary documents, screenshots, profile links, and other supporting documents. You can also, when documents are large, use a file sharing service.

The estimate

The establishment of one or more quotes is an important and essential step to clarify the nature of our obligations, the service, the terms of payment and our general conditions. To save time, we can send it to you for electronic signature, which shortens lead times and saves you unnecessary printing.

The service

The conditions of the intervention are clearly indicated during our prior discussions, and especially on the quote. It can take place over a period linked to your installment payments. Note that certain services are provided by our partners, in particular in the case of use of regulated professions.


We will send you an invoice according to the terms indicated on the quote, so there is no supplement or modification, unless you agree. Most often, the completion of the entire assignment is conditional on the effective receipt of the entire order. It is also for this reason that we favor payment by bank transfer.