Nos services de consultant en cybercriminalité

Cybercrime consultant

The mission of the cybercrime consultant is varied, as are the profiles in this profession. Our goal is to help you avoid attacks, and to conduct computer investigations to defend your rights.


Protect your business and your family from attacks, cyber-malware, and attempted fraud before it's too late.

The cybercrime consultant handles all kinds of digital litigation. We have developed a know-how for identification techniques in cybercrime, but we also act to analyze disks hard in Paris, Nice, Cannes, Lyon, or throughout the national territory. We will speak in this case of computer investigations.


Digital cybercrime investigations are conducted to preserve clues and evidence, to locate and identify cyber criminals who seek to harm you.


Many attacks could have been thwarted if the victims knew the operating mode of their attacker. User awareness is the first link in IT security.


We develop IT platforms for investigation into cybercrime litigation, and risk prevention, accessible for individuals and companies.