Les tarifs de nos prestations

Our princes

In complex situations, before resorting to the services of a professional, one legitimately raises the question of the tariffs of his services. As far as we are concerned, we systematically offer you one or more quotes. We usually work online for IT services, with rates that can vary between 60 and 100 euros including tax per hour depending on the mission, its complexity, the duration of the intervention and the services offered..

We favor the use of fixed price quotes, which allow you to limit your budget. Regarding the use of detectives, each professional partner will offer you their own quote and carry out the mission themselves.


We can offer short interventions, limited to one hour, especially when a prior study is essential for the preparation of a quote. Interventions in cybercrime disputes are complex and time-consuming, so a budget must be committed in relation to the costs incurred: many hours of work and preparation, IT costs, specific software.

For all of our services, we will establish an estimate which will detail the nature of the IT mission, with our general conditions and our payment conditions. Regarding urgent requests and single services, we offer these 3 packages.

The IT services ordered are not reimbursable, and the work begins after receipt of the deposit mentioned on the quote, or the chosen package.


50 euros
30 minutes
  • Creation of a file
  • Preparation of a quotation
  • Information search
  • Commander


100 euros
1 hour
  • With preparations
  • Global Fixed Price
  • All services
  • Commander


300 euros
4 Hours
  • With preparations
  • Global Fixed Price
  • Information search
  • Commander

Time spent

The duration of the intervention is the main element that will determine the price of the interventions. For IT services (troubleshooting, assistance), the duration can be limited to a few hours. With regard to the identification of cyber criminals, the means to be implemented are much more important. A computer survey for defamation and e-reputation litigation will therefore have to be spread over a minimum of 10 hours, with a price around 1,000 euros (minimum).


In general, there are not many costs to be incurred for current IT services. But for more complex operations, outside of the time spent, it may be necessary to assign computers to specific actions, or to resort to expensive software. The estimate, in this case, will take into account these expenses. It can also be servers and hosting, for example in reputation counter-attacks.


Digital disputes affect your wealth. You must therefore call on experienced professionals. For computer investigations in cybercrime, we have a long experience and a know-how, which allows us for example to take priority actions according to the needs of your lawyer.