Les tarifs de nos prestations

One hour intervention

A full search takes time. Our first quote is free, but in some cases, we must perform a detailed analysis of your request, with the analysis of attachments and the development of strategies.

This allows us to offer you a service adapted to the situation, and to your budget. In this case, we offer this first approach, for a period of about half an hour.


We can offer short interventions, limited to one hour, especially when a prior study is essential for the preparation of a quote. Interventions in cybercrime disputes are complex and time-consuming, so a budget must be committed in relation to the costs incurred: many hours of work and preparation, IT costs, specific software.

For all of our services, we will establish an estimate which will detail the nature of the IT mission, with our general conditions and our payment conditions. Regarding urgent requests and single services, we offer these 3 packages.

You can pay this package of 100 euros by following this link or from the command button below:

The IT services ordered are not refundable, and the work begins after receipt of the deposit mentioned on the quote, or the chosen package.