Le consultant en investigation sélectionne un détective privé

Business intelligence

Strategic intelligence is a very large field. This term refers to all of the coordinated activities of collection, processing and dissemination of information useful to all economic actors.


You often do business intelligence without knowing it. If you analyze the SEO policy of your competitors, if you are looking for solutions to gain market share, this is economic intelligence. Our IT tools will assist you in collecting this information.

Data collection

With artificial intelligence and Big Data, the information is more and more voluminous and requires specific treatments, which we do with our IT tools.

Data processing

Once we have the databases useful for your research, we will have to use them to present a summary to you. The content should be easy to use.


This information will be used to make decisions, in support of reliable and verified data. Some may be made available to the public, for example in the case of the disclosure of false news.