Cybercrime computer crime investigations

Cybercrime investigations

Computer technology , social medi and the internet play an important part in almost all criminal activity. What to do when the police won’t help you ? Someone has sent you abusive text messages ? You want to now who has been harassing or stalking you ? Make sure to keep proof to be prepared to take action.


When the police are not available to help, our cyber investigative team stands ready to serve your needs.

You can't always rely on the police to assist when you need them the most. Cyberextortion occurs when a website, or computer system is subjected to or threatened with repeated denial of service or other attacks by malicious hackers : We can defend your interests with authorities. We help clients by privately investigating attacks that can’t be solved other ways. Keep a written account of every incident, our report willsynthesises the results of all the investigations performed for each incident. Don't forget to print screenshots of any threatening communications.

How tow prevent data breaches ?

Fraud offences were frequently cited, particularly those resulting in significant loss to the victim, web hijacking, defamation, hacking. The digital age has brought about rapid developments in information technologies. Incorporating new information technologies has become a top competitivity factor for many sectors. Imagine being attacked in the cyber world and being told "nothing can be done" : How would you react to that ? It is for this reason that we offer our investigation services. Cyber crime remains a lucrative enterprise, and everybody can be concerned : small business owners, craftsmen, liberal professions.

The technology has become the scene of crime. An increasing number of enterprises have been targeted by fraudsters using digital tools. Where do you go when you have a serious cyber situation and you have been turned down by local law enforcement, or your attorney? Fortunately, when you're not able to rely on authorities, cyber-security specialist, there are still things we can do to help yourself. Many victims of cyberbullying must monitor the comments in case they escalate, to preserve evidence. The claimant produces but does not retain evidence, or does not realize that this can be evidence.