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Since 1999, we have been offering Pacta ® 360 services for individuals and businesses: IT serving your strategy and cybersecurity. Explore our key service areas and a presentation in multiple languages.


Conseil et assistance en informatique, intelligence artificielle, automatisation et no-code

Hiring an experienced IT consultant with extensive expertise in strategy and artificial intelligence offers numerous benefits for both businesses and individuals. They can play a crucial role in boosting company revenue by optimizing operational processes through advanced and customized IT solutions. We provide excerpts from select press articles highlighting our activities since 1999. We excel in identifying and implementing AI technologies that not only automate repetitive tasks but also provide valuable predictive analytics, enabling businesses to make informed and strategic decisions. Concurrently, overhead costs are reduced through better management of IT resources and optimization of existing infrastructures, leading to significant long-term savings.

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Here is a quick guided tour of our services. Our main focuses: IT - cybersecurity - artificial intelligence - automation - No Code.

Pacta Shield cybersecurity services provide essential protection against the increasing threats of cybercrime. By raising awareness and training employees in security best practices, they significantly reduce the risk of security breaches. Regular security audits, system defense updates, and incident response plans help prevent attacks and minimize their impact.

Engaging Pacta ® 360 services ensures not only sustainable and secure business growth but also peace of mind regarding the protection of sensitive data. Explore these services in detail.